Intelligent library for primary and secondary school

Based on the RFID intelligent facilities and software system service, the solution of intelligent library for primary and secondary school will attract more students to read, exposing them to the most modern information. It also allows the librarians and teacher focus more on enhance the interest of reading for students, laying a foundation of civil reading.

Intelligent library for university and public

Public library and the library for university have a rich collection of various documents, and is an important channel for adults to acquire knowledge. With the help of RFID technology, the facilities and software system service in this solution can make the process of borrowing and returning more quickly an easily, having more effectively circulation and better experience. With the improving management efficiency by the inventory device and self-check machine, and data analysis of circulation, we can help the library use its resource better, and build a genuinely intelligent and modern reading environment.

Intelligent library for city and community

The intelligent library for city and community will strongly promote civil reading. Based on library resources and services, the solution of intelligent library for city and community integrates the technology of RFID, automation control and computer network communication into one terminal. It can be distributed anywhere in the city, and is a fully functional 24-hour intelligent micro-library, with a self-service borrow and return system for real-time data exchange among libraries. This solution can create a reading network in the city, and help to achieve “Intelligent City” in the near future.

Intelligent library for enterprises

The solution of intelligent library for city and community is aiming at library service with a diverse service system. Including the cutting-edge IoT technology and excellent background management system, this solution will forge an environment for 24-hour unmanned intelligent library with unmanned retail store, offering a convenient and hi-tech service for the staffs. The intelligent library will greatly improve the satisfaction for corporate culture and create a sense of belonging for the staffs.
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