Cooperative Alliance
Create a brilliant future together
  • Opportunity

    機 · 會
    Share the opportunity together

    · The state vigorously promotes nationwide reading
    · Leader of Smart Library industry
    · Dedicate to promote nationwide reading
    · The number and needs of libraries grow
  • Strength

    實 · 力
    Grow stronger together

    · Leader of Smart Library industry
    · More than ten years of industry experience accumulation
    · The best choice for millions of users
    · Open and win-win cooperation policy
  • Dream

    夢 · 想
    Fight for the dreams together

    · Dedicate to promote nationwide reading
    · Practice the mission of popularizing reading
    · Work together to build a society of readers
    · Help civilization to inherit dreams
Dot distribution
Partial distribution map of national sales network

Joining Advantages
Integrity kept in mind
we share benefits with business partners in the world
  • Independent R&D

    The company is able to customize the software and hardware that truly meet the needs of clients in interface, function, appearance, etc.
  • After-Sale Service

    The company attaches great importance to after-sales service and is committed to responding to all customers’ feedback within 2 hours unless there are damages by human courses, and assigning experts to solve the problems remotely or on-site within 24 hours.
  • High-end Customized Service

    As a local IoT technology company in China, the company focuses on independent R&D and has strong product design capabilities to provide whole technical solutions for our clients.
Process for Agent Application
  • Submission of materials

    Including copy of "agent qualification application form" with business license stamp, relevant performance certificate and corporate legal person ID.
  • Qualification review

    According to the development plan, the marketing department will complete the qualification examination of the applicant within 7 working days in accordance with the actual situation of the applicant.
  • written reply

    The marketing department sign relevant opinions on the “Agent Qualification Application Form” and submit a written reply to the application organization after approval by the general manager.
  • Signing the agreement

    After the agent’s qualification is approved, the marketing department and the agent will sign the "VITIS-IoT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Agency Agreement".
  • Running-in Period

    The qualified agent will enter a six-month inspection period. During the inspection period, the agent enjoys the treatment as stipulated in the above-mentioned signed agency agreement and assumes corresponding duties and obligations. During the scheduled inspection period, the agent must complete at least one project before completing the inspection.
  • Becoming a formal agent

    The agent that has achieved sales performance can end the inspection period. At this point, the marketing department should submit an application to the general manager to terminate the agent inspection. After the general manager signs and issues the “VITIS-IoT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Acting Authorization Letter”, and the qualified agent begins to officially enjoy all the rights of the agent of VITIS-IoT, bearing the corresponding obligations.
Agency requirements
At least the following conditions should be met for the qualification of the agent
  • Must be a legal operator registered in the industrial and commercial department.
  • The office staffs are well-arranged, with good business reputation, a sound financial system, standardized financial accounts, and full-time financial personnel.
  • Sales and technical support personnel equipped with this product have a certain customer base.
  • Have project implementation and after-sales personnel, who can provide local project installation and after-sales service.
  • Strive to establish a good brand image of VITIS-IoT.
  • Regularly participate in the training of VITIS-IoT as required.
  • The official agent has completed at least one relevant project.
Cooperative support
We provide comprehensive support to our partners.
  • Information support

  • Trial support

  • Promotion support

  • Technical Suppor

  • Service support

Contact us
If you are interested inbeing our agnet/distributor, please contact us through the following methods

Contact Us

National consultation telephone: 0086-400-008-2910
E-mail: [email protected]
Address:: No.168, Hongxia Road, NO. 4 Jinxiang Block, Liangqing District, Nanning, Guangxi,China









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